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Welcome To The Short Tree Upholstery And Design Services Home Page
Hello, I am Patricia Taylor and this is my leather and upholstery shop. I have been a leather artist since 1969. I have been doing upholstery since 1980. I do chairs, sofas, car seats, car interiors, boat seats, boat interiors, motorcycle seats, motorcycle clothes and accessories and anything else a person would want upholstered or repaired. I also do tailoring and alterations. Have even been known to do clothes from scratch. On my site, you will also see pictures of house interiors I have done. I work with a designer-she has the ideas and I do the sewing.
The Studio, Workroom, And Bookstore
The studio  is on the third floor of my house, which is in an old section of the town where I live. Periodically, I will be putting more photos and samples of my work up here on this site. Feel free to browse. The upholstery shop is in the garage which has been converted to a work shop. The book shop is in a Florida room just off the living room. I will be adding a photo page of "Before/After" pictures so you can see how the items looked when they came to me and when they left. In the living room of the house, I have 2 sections of "showcase". 1 is a modern section with a very cool Herman Miller Knock off couch done in black leather. The other section is an antique section with a Button-Back sofa & chair set. Both sections were set up by my head designer.
Picture of My sister's Horse-Brie
This is one of the unusual items that I like to do. It is a one-of-a-kind item done from a drawing by Kathleen Bond. I colored it to look exactly like my sister's horse-Brie.

My Favorite Things To Tool
I especially like to tool the unusual items rather than the ordinary. I do the usual saddle repair and tack repair, but I really like to tool book covers, pictures, frames, angels, masks, flowers, and cowboy items.
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More Information On The Purse
I first saw this design in a leatherworking magazine about 5-6 years ago. It is called a Cobbler's Purse. It is hard formed leather and is held together by small shoe tacks instead of being sewn. It has darkened nicely with the passing of time. The carving design is a Joe Barth Design. I like his designs because they are generally out of the ordinary. This purse was hand colored. Usually, I have my son do the coloring cause he is excellent at airbrushing and I am not.

This Is My Purse
The design of the purse is from a Joe Barth Design. I found it in a magazine "The Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal". He has designs in there quite often. The candle holder, on the Photo Page,the shape is one of his designs. The carving design is mine.
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